Charcoal Double Layered Brush Heads

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Dental care

Replace your toothbrush head
with ATYS subscription

While our charcoal and chlorella bristles reduce bacteria from growing on your brush, dental professionals recommend to replace toothbrush every three months or sooner if brush head becomes worn. We’ll automatically deliver 3 pack of replaceable brush heads every few months on your choice. Subscription package is made of 100% biodegradable sugar cane paper.

Unique bristle structure

Developed by dentist

ATYS offers two types of brush heads engineered by dentists with
years of experience in the industry. The first one is a Double Layered model designed for efficient plaque removal. Double layered bristles are infused by Charcoal. The other one is the Ultra Soft model, ideal for those with sensitive gums. Ultra-soft bristles are infused by chlorella and Nano-silver. (Nano-silver white bristles will launch soon)

Biodegradable PLA Head

ATYS toothbrushes are made of a reusable aluminum handle and a biodegradable head that can be replaced. This allows users to maintain the brush's handle and just switch out the heads as needed for a more sustainable, eco-friendly experience. Replaceable brush heads are made by biodegradable PLA (made from the sugars in corn starch). This head can be fully composted within 6 months under industrial compost conditions. Also, PLA heads can be recycled after removing bristles from the head.

Easily replace the brush head

By using a gold-plated connection pin that’s made from stainless steel, brush head and handle will stay connected until the head needs to be replaced.

ATYS Recycle program

In an ideal world, it would be easy to recycle or decompose plastic type of materials. However, it is not that simple. Most of the recyclable products do not actually get recycled and most of the decomposable products do not get decomposed. ATYS wants to be transparent with our customers and disclose the current effort from our company to make sure the products get properly recycled or decomposed. We will continue to adjust and communicate with our customers to make sure the planet is in mind.

Based on 12 reviews
Lovely replaceable toothbrush heads

The brush refill box is cute and eco-friendly. I subscribed so I can get regular brush heads.

Perfect for Gifting

Modern design beautifully packaged toothbrush set with a holder! I bought several of them for gifting and the recipient loved them! I definitely encourage to subscribe for the brush heads that are organic and sustainable.

It's a wonderful toothbrush. Nice packaging as well.

Nice well rounded toothbrush. It is not your normal plastic toothbrush. I will subscribe for regular brush head delivery.

Atys made the switch to minimal waste toothbrush so easy.

I love to support small startup companies. I love that ATYS is from Boston! Received the package quickly and the toothbrush is high quality. The handle has a nice weight and the bristles are great.

Simple. Quality. Design. Thumbs up!

I tried bamboo toothbrush to use less plastic, but bamboo toothbrushes were sharp and uncomfortable. This toothbrush has great mouth feel and great bristles. I hope atys can also make toothpaste and other products. I will definitely buy!

Great product that makes easy to go towards zero waste!

I love the fact that atys toothbrush is solely produced in order to reduce plastic consumption and lowers carbon footprint. In addition, ATYS really made a quality toothbrush. Qudos!

Great quality bristles!!

I love how atys let you try two different bristles type and find the right one for you. I always thought soft bristles were good but atys regular bristles are soft but firm.

Very happy with my purchase =)

Finally a beautiful toothbrush that considers the environment. I tried all different products but nothing satisfied my needs. ATYS definitely fulfilled my goal.

Love the premium eco friendly toothbrush

I have been looking for a replacement for the endless amount of plastic toothbrushes I throw away. I don't use electric toothbrush either. Love the premium eco friendly toothbrush.

Beautiful toothbrush on my bathroom counter

Not only it is a great toothbrush, but also it's such a beautiful toothbrush on my bathroom counter. I really care about the design at my home. ATYS finally solved my issue in my bathroom.

Better quality than other toothbrushes that I used

Love this aluminum toothbrush with a replaceable top. Great idea to use biodegradable on the head. It is amazing that it is 100% plant-based. Better quality than other toothbrushes that I used.

Great design, quality!

Finally a sustainable and quality toothbrush with exceptional design. Love how easy it is to get a toothbrush head with atys subscription.