ATYS aims to resolve this issue, by providing an environmentallysustainable toothbrush that does not compromise on design or quality.

Biodegradable PLA Head

ATYS toothbrushes are made of a reusable aluminum handle and a biodegradable head that can be replaced. This allows users to maintain the brush's handle and just switch out the heads as needed for a more sustainable, eco-friendly experience. Replaceable brush heads are made by biodegradable PLA (made from the sugars in corn starch). This head can be fully composted within 6 months under industrial compost conditions. Also, PLA heads can be recycled after removing bristles from the head.

Reusable aluminum handle &
Biodegradable 100% sugar cane package

ATYS toothbrush first helps minimize global plastic waste by designing the handle to last a lifetime. ATYS reusable aluminum handle and replaceable brush head are made to reduce waste up to 80% less plastic than replacing a regular manual toothbrush. The brush head and head refill package are made of earth pact paper which is made of 100% sugar cane. It is also biodegradable.

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