ATYS aims to resolve this issue, by providing an environmentally
sustainable toothbrush that does not compromise on design or quality.

Reduce your impact

Over 99% of the toothbrushes the world uses are plastic. 1 billion toothbrushes are thrown away annually in the United States. Plastic toothbrushes take over 400 years to decompose, and they remain in landfills for an indefinite period. Plastic toothbrushes do not end up in landfill only; they also get into our forests, rivers, and oceans.

Biodegradable PLA Head

ATYS toothbrushes are made of a reusable aluminum handle and a biodegradable head that can be replaced. This allows users to maintain the brush's handle and just switch out the heads as needed for a more sustainable, eco-friendly experience. Replaceable brush heads are made by biodegradable PLA (made from the sugars in corn starch). This head can be fully composted within 6 months under industrial compost conditions. Also, PLA heads can be recycled after removing bristles from the head.

Reusable aluminum handle

ATYS toothbrush first helps minimize global plastic waste by designing the handle to last a lifetime. ATYS reusable aluminum handle and replaceable brush head are made to reduce waste up to 80% less plastic than replacing a regular manual toothbrush.

Biodegradable 100% sugar cane package

The brush head and head refill package are made of earth pact paper which is made of 100% sugar cane. It is also biodegradable.

Reusable magnetic package

Toothbrush magnetic package is sturdy and can be re-used as storage.

ATYS Recycle program

ATYS users are provided with a recycling program where they can send the used brush heads to ensure the brush heads get responsibly recycled. ATYS is going to remove the bristles after receiving used brush heads from customer and to send recycle company.

Remove the bristles and Recycle the brush head

Our biodegradable PLA heads can be recycled after removing bristles.