“ATYS is redefining manual toothbrushes that let you stop throwing plastic into landfills without sacrificing a healthy smile. "

Designed by Dentist and Designer

ATYS was founded by Sophia Hyun, out of her Boston home in 2018. When looking into everyday plastic toothbrush use, Sophia was appalled by the number of harmful plastic toothbrushes people were throwing away into our landfills. While she tried using environmentally sustainable toothbrushes in the market, she was not able to find a toothbrush that has decent bristles with a beautiful design. Sophia undertook extensive research with a team of dentists to create a sustainable toothbrush that excels in bristle technology while uplifting the bathroom atmosphere. In order to maintain quality control, manufacture is done in South Korea because it has been renowned for its toothbrush bristles technology. Sophia strives to encourage more consumers to use sustainable products by breaking the stereotypes on environmentally safe products.

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