New Standard For Oral Care

ATYS is redefining manual toothbrushes that let you stop throwing plastic into landfills
without sacrificing a healthy smile. 

"Love the premium eco-friendly toothbrush"

I have been looking for a replacement for the endless amount of plastic toothbrushes I throw away. I don't use an electric toothbrush either. Love the premium eco-friendly toothbrush” -Nick Callaghen

"Better quality than other toothbrushes that I used."

"Love the stylish aluminum toothbrush with a replaceable top. Great idea to use biodegradable on the head. It is amazing that it is 100% plant-based. Better quality than other toothbrushes that I used." - Jamie radford

Replace your toothbrush head

Get fresh heads with ATYS subscription

We’ll automatically deliver 3 pack of replaceable brush heads every few months on your choice. ATYS offers two types of brush heads engineered by dentists with years of experience in the industry. The first one is a Double Layered model designed for efficient plaque removal. Double layered bristles are infused by Charcoal.

Our efforts for High quality

ATYS Aluminum handles and holders are CNC milled from a single piece of aluminum. CNC routers are three-dimensional cutting and milling machines produce high-quality touch, cost more, prevent risks mixing harmful alloys. Aluminums are gone through the anodizing technology, which strengthens and dyes the metal. Anodizing is not a paint coat or resin; the actual metal is dyed so the color won't flake off.

Eco-friendly & Sustainable design

ATYS toothbrush helps minimize global plastic waste by designing the handle to last a lifetime. Reusable aluminum handle and replaceable brush head are made to reduce waste up to 80% less plastic than replacing a regular manual toothbrush. Replaceable brush heads are made by biodegradable PLA which can be fully composted within 6 months under industrial compost conditions and recycled.

Brush heads engineered by dentists

Bristles are most important thing to consider when you choose the toothbrush. After 2 years of meticulous research and design by a team of dentists and designers, the revolutionary ATYS toothbrush has been engineered to excel in clinical performance. ATYS offers two types of brush heads engineered by dentists with years of experience in the industry.

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