Plastic Was Meant To Last Forever,

But Most Is Only Used Once.

Billions of plastic toothbrushes travel around the globe and pollute our planet forever

How do plastic toothbrushes affect the environment?

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1 Billion Toothbrushes

are thrown away every year in the US.

The total number of plastic toothbrushes being produced, used, and thrown away each year has grown steadily since the first one was made in the 1930s. The American Dental Association suggests that everyone replace their toothbrushes every three or four months. If everyone around the world followed those recommendations, about 23 billion toothbrushes would get trashed annually. 

source: national geographic

Plastic Toothbrushes Pollute Oceans And Beaches!

Aluminum Toothbrush

Keep Handle, Replace& Recycle Brush Head

Aluminum handle is reusable. The replaceable brush head is made to reduce waste up to 70% less plastic than replacing a regular manual toothbrush.



Reusable magnetic packaging box

Magnetic packaging boxes are sturdy and durable.

It can be reused as storage for small items.​


Biodegradable Sugar cane box for refill heads

The brush headboxes are made of earth pact paper 

which is made of 100% sugar cane. It is also biodegradable.