Black Aluminum Replaceable Toothbrush Set

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ATYS toothbrush embraces users who want to engage in environmentally sustainable practices
but do not want to sacrifice dental hygiene or product aesthetics.

Biodegradable PLA Head

ATYS toothbrushes are made of a reusable aluminum handle and a biodegradable head that can be replaced. This allows users to maintain the brush's handle and just switch out the heads as needed for a more sustainable, eco-friendly experience. Replaceable brush heads are made by biodegradable PLA (made from the sugars in corn starch). This head can be fully composted within 6 months under industrial compost conditions. Also, PLA heads can be recycled after removing bristles from the head.

Ergonomic design

Each and every detail is engineered for high quality and style. Ergonomic design to adapt perfectly to your palm providing a better gripping. And the toothbrush head is designed to float when placed on the floor for hygienic purposes. The toothbrush holder’s drainage hole allows water to drain freely, which provides air circulation between handle and holder.

Gold plated stainless steel pin

For increasing safety and hygienic purpose, the connection pin is gold-plated stainless steel to prevent microbial contamination. The gold-plated connection pin ensures users that the utmost care has been given even toward elements that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Easily replace the brush head

By using a gold-plated connection pin that’s made from stainless steel, brush head and handle will stay connected until the head needs to be replaced.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jae Young Jo
Perfect for Gifting

Modern design beautifully packaged toothbrush set with a holder! I bought several of them for gifting and the recipient loved them! I definitely encourage to subscribe for the brush heads that are organic and sustainable.

Clair K.
It's a wonderful toothbrush. Nice packaging as well.

Nice well rounded toothbrush. It is not your normal plastic toothbrush. I will subscribe for regular brush head delivery.

Caitlyn G.
Beautiful toothbrush on my bathroom counter

Not only it is a great toothbrush, but also it's such a beautiful toothbrush on my bathroom counter. I really care about the design at my home. ATYS finally solved my issue in my bathroom.